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My money accidentally got burned. Can I get it replaced?

Dollar bills that are damaged by fire are known as mutilated currency. Burned money can be exchanged for its original value if:  

  • more than half of the bill can be identified as United States currency or,
  • less than half of a bill is present, and the method of mutilation and supporting evidence shows that the missing portions have been totally destroyed. Money in this condition must be mailed to:
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Room 344A
P.O. Box 37048
Washington, D. C. 20013
All mutilated currency should be sent by "Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested." It’s a good idea to insure your package. Your post office can give you more information about this.
Since burnt money is very fragile, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website suggests these steps for mailing mutilated money:
  1. Regardless of the condition of the currency, do not disturb the fragments any more than is absolutely necessary.
  2. If the currency is brittle or inclined to fall apart, pack it carefully in plastic and cotton without disturbing the fragments and place the package in a secure container.
  3. If the currency was mutilated in a purse, box, or other container, it should be left in the container to protect the fragments from further damage.
  4. If it is absolutely necessary to remove the fragments from the container, send the container along with the currency and any other contents that may have currency fragments attached.
  5. If the currency was flat when mutilated, do not roll or fold the notes.
  6. If the currency was in a roll when mutilated, do not attempt to unroll or straighten it out.
If coin or any other metal is mixed with the bills, carefully remove it. Any fused, melted, or otherwise mutilated coins should be sent to the following address for evaluation:
U.S. Mint
Attn: Mutilated Coins
Post Office Box 400
Philadelphia, PA. 19105
More information about exchanging mutilated money can be found at:

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