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What is the monthly income for $62,000 a year? 

Thanks for writing. Most people budget their money by the month, so it’s just as important to know how much you make each month as it is to know how much you make each year. To find the monthly income for $62,000 (called your gross salary), divide this amount by 12 as there are 12 months in the year. $62,000 ÷ 12 = $5166.66/month. 

If you budget by the week you can find your weekly income by dividing $62,000 by 52 weeks in the year (equals $1,192.31/week). If you budget bi-weekly (every two weeks) then divide $62,000 by 26 (equals $2,384.62/bi-weekly). 

Remember, your gross salary of $62,000 is the amount you are paid before federal and state taxes are withheld from your paycheck. If you want to know exactly how much money you will take home at the end of each month (also known as your net salary), you will have to subtract taxes and other deductions such as social security, unemployment, workers compensation, and health benefits. To get an idea of what your take home paycheck will be at the end of each month, there are on-line calculators that can help you out with this (such as This website and others like it can’t tell you exactly how much you will take home, but will give you a good idea to help you plan your budget.

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